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Many of the properties we decontaminate are not contaminated directly by the owner but instead by tenants, guests, or trespassers. The chemicals used in Meth can be very toxic and pervasive. (EPA Chemicals in Meth and Effects). Colorado law requires remediation for properties where testing reveals over .05 micrograms of meth in any sample (approximately 3 square inches). Structures with contaminations above this level are considered condemned and uninhabitable until decontaminated by a state licensed firm and tested by a certified industrial hygienist. Meth contamination often leaves the property owners with significantly reduced property values, loss of income, and desperately in need of honest, ethical help.


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Every meth contaminated property, owner, and situation is unique and we approach them as such. We start by reviewing, evaluating, and explaining the contamination levels, risks, and options, in as much depth as the client requires. Then we balance these options against the unique needs of the owner. By forming strategic partnerships 70 Services can even offer no cost (zero out of pocket) remediation options on some projects. We take a personal interest in helping to get you through this honestly, ethically, and effectively as possible.

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70 Services will continue to provide decontamination and remediation services on projects at NO ADDITIONAL COST TO THE CLIENT until it is cleared by a state certified I.H. The only requirement is that state-certified test results are provided in a timely fashion and continue to show improvement on each subsequent testing.


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